Brown wigs are among the trendiest style in the market. It’s a good way for almost anyone to make a statement and bring out their unique style. If you’re in the market for this wig color, you should give it your all so you can make the best decision.

Luvemehair is one of the best places to purchase your brown wigs. The brand offers you quality in quantities. This guide will educate you on how to get the perfect fit and Luxurious Brown Wigs from Luvemehair.

What is a Brown Wig?

A brown wig refers to any wig type with a predominant brown color, and it could be a headband, bob, frontal, closure, or any other wig type. Brown wigs can be human or synthetic hair.

Human hair wigs are the most popular because they look natural. They’re also the most expensive. Synthetic wigs are the cheaper version of human hair, and they’re gorgeous if you wear them in the correct style.

What are the best Brown Wig Shades?

One of the best things about browns is its many available shades. These shades all look sleek and will complement your look in different ways. Although you can rerely find poor coloring with brown wigs, getting the correct color will amplify your styling.

Here are the three most popular brown wig shades on Luvemehair.

  1. Dark Brown Wigs

Dark brown is the most common brown wig color and comes in an all-general dark brown tint. Almost anyone can wear this shade and look amazing, but they’re best for people with dark skin.

The color will easily blend with your dark skin tone and give you that natural feel. If you fancy it, check the numerous available units on the Luvemehair website.

  1. Light Brown Wigs

Light brown wigs feature a lighter shade of brown across all the hair. This shade is more appropriate for women with a lighter skin color. It’d also work almost perfectly if you enjoy wearing dark-colored clothing. You can get light brown wigs in synthetic and human hair, and it’s available in different types.

  1. Ombre Brown Wigs

Ombre brown wigs have a dark shade of brown at the top and slowly transition to lighter coloring at the bottom. You can also opt for the reverse brown ombre, which features a lighter tint at the top and transition to a darker one at the bottom.  The main idea behind the color pattern is to enable you to combine two shades of brown without compromising the style. Perhaps the most fantastic thing about brown ombre hair is that anyone can wear it.

What Are Luvemehair Best Brown Wigs?

You’ll have many types of brown wigs at your disposal when you shop at Luevemhair. This section will educate you on some of the best you can get on the site.

  1. Mix Color Brown Curly Bob Wig

The Mix Color Brown Curly Bob Wig is a frontal lace wig from Luvemehiar made from 100% human hair. It has a light dark shade and will look perfect for light-skinned ladies. The wig has a softly melted hairline and looks natural from any angle that you look at it.

It has a density of 150% and can last for over one year if you maintain it well. The right texture, color, and length combination makes this wig a classic.

  1. Blonde Mix Black Loose Wave Glueless Mid-Part Short Wig

Make a statement with the soft and bouncy Blonde Mix Black Mix Wave wig from Luvme Hair. Its stunning mixture of light and dark brown makes it a perfect fit for almost any skin color. It has a pre-plucked hairline, and the wig uses the glueless installation method.

The wig is made from 100% virgin hair from one donor and has a density of 180%. You can get it in 14, 16, and 20 inches on the Luvme Hair website.

  1. Chesnut Brown Loose Wave Closure Lace Wig

Chestnut brown is a naturally beautiful color, but it looks more attractive on this wig type. Beautiful is an understatement, and getting this wig type is doing yourself a favor. Like most Luvemehair wigs, it comprises 100% human hair from one donor.

It’s a glueless lace and is very easy to install. You can also style different from the original style into any you want. The wig is available in various lengths on the Luvemehair website.

  1. Chocolate Brown Long Curly Closure Wig

Step out with style when you wear the chocolate brown long curly closure wig. Wigmakers produced the unit with proper care from 100% human hair from one donor. You can install this wig even if you haven’t had that much experience.

Its chocolate brown tint makes it a perfect option for light and dark-skinned ladies. The wig has a dark pre-plucked hairline and adjustable straps and can be dyed. Combined with the right accessories and outfit, it’ll make you stand out on any outing.

There are some of the best-selling brown wigs at Luvemehair. The brand has many other available brown wigs which you can access on its website.

How to Select the Right Brown Wig From Luvemehair?

Brown is only one of the many colors that are present in wigs. The type of wig you buy is up to your preference, whether it’s a headband wig, bob, frontal, or closure. Whichever wig type you want to buy, your face shape and skin tone should be a deciding factor.

Your face shape will help you select the right texture, and your skin tone is crucial to getting the correct brown shade. The texture and color of a wig go hand in hand. Pay adequate attention to these two factors when next you’re in the market for a wig and you’ll get a perfect style.

How to Manage Your Luvemehair Brown Wigs?

Brown wigs aren’t a special breed; you should care for them like other wig colors. If you have human hair wigs like the ones at Luvemehair, they need more care than their synthetic counterparts.

The essential aspect of any wig care is regular washing, proper conditioning, and proper drying. It’s also imperative to only use quality products when caring for your wigs.


Brown hair wigs will only look fly if you buy the correct style and maintain it properly. Shop at a reputable store to enhance your chances of purchasing the perfect type. Luvemehair has been in the business for years and understands what it takes to make your styling dreams come true.

This write-up educated you on all you need to know about Luvemehair brown wigs. You also learned about some of its best units and how you can take proper care of them. All the wigs mentioned in this article and more are available on the Luvme Hair website.